Extra page on choosing an employment lawyer

The best chances are probably to take pot-luck on the nearest affordable specialist, or the nearest to your tribunal, or sit in a tribunal regularly if you are close to one and see the lawyers working. This is harder if you are still working office hours or are not close to a tribunal, because most of the cases and particularly the pre-hearing reviews start in the morning.

Solicitors-Online.com diverts to the Law Society's member database listing international lawyers as well as England Scotland Wales & Northern Ireland.

Other lawyer league tables are geared to corporate clients. The individuals are named they are usually two or three times the price of junior staff. To read that a large national firm can be good is no reassurance that it can't also be bad or bid too low to get a union's work.

WhichLawyer.com diverts to a web page of the practical law company's service: "View Lawyer - Law Firm recommendations" lists large firms.

Legal500.com UK page : select a region from "UK Overview" then "Human Resources", then "Employment".

Chambersandpartners.co.uk employment section

Martindale.com from the US covers some law firms from large cities in England Scotland Channel Islands , with minimal listings for individual lawyers on other similar pages.

Claimsregulation.Gov.UK/Search.ASPX searches the Ministry of Justice's compulsory register of claims agents online by

  • legal name (with trade name but no web link)
  • county
  • sector or specialities

None of these are helpful because most employment law cases are barely profitable for no-win no-fee lawyers. To consider employment law claims is very different from taking small ones. And the office address isn't important unless someone has to go there. Sometimes, local firms of solicitors of firms like Humane Resources have listed themselves on the register so the list is worth a look.

...are two of the more obscure employee claim web sites I have found from the list, but a search engine could be a quicker way of finding them

I will get back to you if enough people are interested in proper legal insurance for employees. For now, the email handling is handled by Aardvark Mailing List. Like Pledgebank, this list is for people who would like there to be cheap legal insurance but don't set it up because not enough people want it at once to make it viable. If you check out Aardvark, you will see that they remain free bacause they don't give email addresses to list owners; if anyone hijacks your email address it will be them, not employees.org.uk, and they look honest. You can add your name to the list to be told when there are a lot of people on it and cheap legal insurance is possible.
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