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Trade Unions are exempt from registering with the Fincancial Services Authority as claims handlers and do not have to give key facts

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#1 Unite the union charged solicitors referral fees. This is the most important point on the site - see below

#2 Why this is important
(link to union-failure.html#2b)

#3 Repudiations are a standard item on the agenda. Month after month members have taken some kind of protest or strike action and a senior Amicus official has rung the employer to say "nothing to do with us; we're withdrawing any special legal rights they had as part of a recognised independent union so it's easier for you to sack them now".

What to do about it
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How to start: Add your name
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Legal procedures were different in a number of ways - the TGWU charged solicitors’ referral fees, for example. BDO suggested TGWU financial controls needed improving. - quote in context on the /union-charges-lawyers.html#1 page

Property sales this year were well in surplus with further income from investments. Significant VR [voluntary redundancy] and extra pension costs have been incurred - quoted in context on the /union-charges-lawyers.html#2

114/06 Repudiations
It was AGREED to repudiate unofficial industrial action at Visteon UK, Swansea.
- context described on another web site

"One firm ... does all the trade unions’ employment work for free in order to secure their Personal Injury work" - quoted in context on the /union-charges-lawyers.html#10

. foundation66 (formerly Rugby House ARP) advertising for employment lawyers & solicitors